Rose Valley

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Rose Valley


Akira Nishimura

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Program note

I wrote the work inspired by the following imaginary scene.

After climbing a long mountain path through the gloomy forest, I arrived at a peak. Suddenly, a large beautiful valley in late autumn gently stretched away below my eyes. The sun in the afternoon lit up autumn leaves in the valley which turned rose-colored. The far foot of the mountain was already enveloped in the evening gloom.

The emotion coming from my imagination in which I stood on top of the valley induced me to write this work. Like walking down slowly the beautiful rose-colored valley in quiet time, I would like to spend the rest of my life. During writing, excellent expressions and attractive tones of flutist Kazushi Saito and guitarist Daisuke Suzuki were always in my mind.
The guitarist is required to use a bottleneck. While I was working on this piece, wavy sounds of the guitar were always swirling around me.