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Akira Nishimura

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Program note

The title of this work, Kodama, has two meanings. One is a tree spirit and the other is an echo.
When you stand in a forest of a deep mountain, you can hear various sounds. There are rustlings and murmurs coming from trees near and far, the voice of the wind and birds, and various sounds you don't know what they are. Those sounds come into your breathing body. Your naked mind is exposed to dry or moist, organic or inorganic sounds and you feel nervous but calm excitement at the same time. The sounds are responded by a solo violin, which appears like an echo of fundamental vibration of a spirit.
The violin continues to make various voices as responses to varied, spiritual sounds from trees in nature. As a result, this piece became short but quite technical.
I wrote this piece at the request of Ryusuke Suho, a young and energetic violinist with fresh musical talent. I dedicated it to Mr. Suho, who premiered it.
(Translated by Arisa Iida)