For centuries the performance and education of Western art music has been dominated by white, male composers and more recently has disregarded living composers. There have been those working outside these parameters, but works written by composers from marginalized communities have historically been underperformed, understudied, and underappreciated. Even today, these groups continue to be underrepresented. According to a study by the Institute for Composer Diversity, in the 2019-2020 “mainstage” season of 120 American orchestras, only 8% of programmed works are by women, and only 6% are by composers from underrepresented racial, ethnic, and cultural heritages. In total, only 11% of programmed works are written by “underrepresented composers,” due to the intersectionality of identity. Unfortunately, score publishing and collecting often follows these trends, perpetuating the misconception that only white men can compose music and that music of the past is more valuable than the music of today.

The University of Missouri–Kansas City Music/Media Library saw the lack of composer diversity in our collection and sought to improve it by creating the "Shining a Light" score initiative and website. “Shining a Light” focuses on twenty-first century music as a means of lifting up primarily living, currently active composers from groups that have been historically underrepresented. It is our desire that this collection is studied and performed rather than sit on the shelves. Therefore, we compiled a list of pieces by soliciting input from UMKC Conservatory students and faculty, resulting in the initial addition of 55 works.

From this foundation, the collection is already expanding. Scores and composers are highlighted through this website. The works represented include a variety of genres and instrumentation. Use this site to explore composers’ profiles, read biographies, access composer websites, search for repertoire, and listen to recordings. Our ultimate goal is the performance and study of this music, creating a more diverse and interesting repertoire of music at UMKC and around the world.

The “Shining a Light” collection was partially made possible via an Inclusive Excellence grant through a University of Missouri System initiative to encourage greater research opportunities for projects that focus on diversity, inclusivity, and underrepresented groups. Additionally, the UMKC Libraries have contributed in the purchasing, processing, and promotion of this collection. It is our intention that this resource continues to grow as the library acquires more works by underrepresented composers, shining a light on those who bring diverse perspectives and ideas to the Western art music community. The UMKC Libraries welcome suggestions from UMKC students, faculty, and staff (only) for pieces to add to library collections, including the Shining a Light collection. Suggestions will be considered based on factors including cost and relevance to UMKC needs. If you need items for your own time-sensitive research or performance, Interlibrary Loan may be a quicker route for obtaining items.


The “Shining a Light” score initiative and website were partly funded by a UMKC Inclusive Excellence Grant, a UM System initiative to encourage greater research opportunities for projects that focus on diversity, inclusivity, and underrepresented groups.

Project team members

Bryanna Beasley (2019-)
Giuseppe Gallo-Balma (2020-2021)
Madelin Cain (2022-)
Lynn Gullickson Spencer (2022-)
Libby Hanssen (2019-2023)
Kwan Leung Ling (2021-)
Sean McCue (2019-)
Kelly McEniry (2023-)
Nara Newcomer (2019-)
Buddy Pennington (2019-)
Scott Powell (2019-)
Wendy Sistrunk (2019-2021)
Andrew Stadler (2019-2020)
Martin Walters (2021-2022)
Audrey Watson (2022-2023)
Pat Wenzel (2019-2022)

Additional support and input provided by

UMKC Libraries Administration
UMKC Libraries Equity Committee
UMKC Conservatory faculty and students
UMKC Music/Media Library staff and student assistants

Original grant team

Nara Newcomer
Bryanna Beasley
Andrew Stadler

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